• We have a very proactive School Council made up of KS1 children,who meet regularly with Miss Whitby or Mrs Hedges to discuss important school issues. Each Year  2 class has three representatives on the School Council, two who are elected by their peers and one who has been selected by their class teacher. Each Year 1 class has two representatives chosen by their class teacher. All of the children who wish to stand for the role of school councillors are ask to present their ideas about what they can bring to our school.


  • They are the voice of the children in the running of the school, and take their responsibility very seriously. Their term of office runs for one term, before the next election is held. There is then a transition period when the outgoing school councillors work with the incoming to show them the ropes. 


  • The school council have their own board in school. This has photos of each councillor. Minutes of the meetings that have taken place and an idea bag for children/adults to make suggestions.


  • The aims of the School Council are to promote a shared sense of ownership and responsibility for the school and to encourage pupils to take an active role in school life. The School Council improves communication between pupils and staff. Positive behaviour is also promoted and this contributes to school improvement.


  • There are lots of positive outcomes to having a School Council, these include attitudes to learning, improved relationships, raised self-esteem and improved self-confidence.


  • The School Council when possible meet twice weekly, over the course of the year and are involved in projects of their own design. The council members will act as a voice for their classmates and, through their experiences, will learn a great deal about democracy and teamwork. It’s also a brilliant way of introducing the basic principles of democracy, how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process including the election of the school council and holding whole school votes that include everyone in the decision making process.



Some  examples of  what the school council organise and deliver.

  • Every year they organise our Children In Need day. This results in lots of fun and lots of funds raised too!
  • Also every year they organise either Red Nose Day or Sport Relief Day, they come up with ideas  (after consultation with their classmates) and help to run fund raising activities. These days are always a great success.
  • They were part of the interview process for our current Head Teacher, they even thought of the questions they wanted to ask.


  • They have fund-raised for new home reading books through activities like bag packing at a local supermarket. 


  • Their next big project is revamping our school library. We have relocated our library to a bigger space. The school council are looking at ways to make this a fantastic space for all of the children in our school. 




Our school council are very busy and we are very proud of them. 🙂