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The  National Curriculum - A guide for parents with

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Keeping Your Children Safe Online

  • Internet Matters is a non profit organisation set up to support internet safety with children and teenagers. There comprehensive website can support parents in understanding different sources of social media and the risks attached to them. It also provides a guide to different apps and their suitability.
The following links will be of use:
Apps and social networking:
  • We use the ReadWrite inc. programme to teach reading and to develop the skills needed for writing. We link what we learn during these sessions and use these skills to read and write across the whole curriculum.
  • For more information about this programme please click on the links below.
Eary Years RWI - Powerpoint from the meetings held September 2016
This is a fantastic link that takes you to a huge range of online 'ebooks' that will suit all ages and reading abilities.
Lots of information on the Read Write Inc programme especially for parents.
A youtube video showing the 'pure sounds' approach that is used in the Read/Write programme.
Other useful links


Click on the links below, to download tutorials for using Tapestry on iOS, Android and online.

 FINS Key Stage 1 Information powerpoint

  An interesting link about a tricky thing to talk about.  

Here's a link to the Council's Play and discover website. It has lots of useful information.

Norfolk SEND Partnership

Norfolk Parent Partnership provides information and support for parents and carers of children with special educational needs.

What do they do?

People with Leaflets
Offer confidential telephone support and information
Provide written information
Put parents and carers in touch with others who may be able to help
Offer the support of a volunteer Independent Parental Supporter
Provide training for Volunteers
Ensure parents views are represented and influence SEN Policy and Practice
Click here to visit their website.NSENDP

 Moving home?

Please be aware that if you are moving and need to move your child/ren to another school then you must apply to the relevant county council for a school place. If you are moving within Norfolk you may find this link useful.


Here is a link to a guide to e-safety  (keeping your child/ren safe while they're using the internet).
This link is full of games, videos and activities to help teach your child/ren to stay safe on the internet - suitable for children from 3 - 7 years.