Leadership and management – Good

Behaviour and safety of pupils – Good

Quality of teaching – Good

Achievement of pupils – Good

Early years provision – Good

Overall Effectiveness – Good

“Teachers make learning interesting because they know the needs and interest of pupils well. They mark pupils’ work with constructive comments and make it clear to pupils how they can improve.”

“The school keeps pupils safe and makes sure that they know how to keep themselves safe. Pupils behave well. They are friendly considerate and helpful and have positive attitudes to learning.”

“Since the previous inspection, the calm and determined leadership of the headteacher, the deputy headteacher and other school leaders, supported by an effective governing body, have brought about significant improvements. The high expectations of staff and governors and the school’s statement of ‘Together we can’, underpins the work of the school, in which teaching has improved and pupils’ achievement is good. Pupils’ have positive attitudes to school and their behaviour is good.”

“Pupils enjoy coming to school, sharing and discussing their ideas and learning from each other. They are confident that everyone in their class will listen carefully to what they have to say. Relationships between pupils and the adults are very positive. Pupils get on very well together both in classrooms and in the playground. Senior leaders have ensured there is a consistent scheme of behaviour management and teachers, support staff and pupils apply this system.”

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June 2015 OFSTED report


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