Sport premium spend 2018-2019 revised

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Click on the link below to see the use of money for the academic year 2017/18.

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The use of money for the academic year 2014/15  is as follows:-


  • 10 mini iPads for use during lessons and as an assessment tool £3006
  • whole staff training with Whittlingham Outdoor Centre £650
  • Improvements to trim trail



  • At Fakenham Infant and Nursery School we are committed to enhancing our relationships with parents and the wider community.  We held a community sports event, which was attended by many sport professionals, representing clubs within Fakenham and the surrounding area.  This was extremely well attended by parents and has had a positive impact on the amount of children who now attend these clubs as well as improving our community links, which in turn has provided our children with different experiences as part of the curriculum.


  • The staff at Fakenham Infant and Nursery School have continued to enhance their professional development.  We have worked with Slanted Dance and Whittlingham Outdoor Centre, who have provided us with knowledge in dance, orienteering and outdoor problem solving. These skills are now used in our PE lessons across the school to deliver a wider and more diverse curriculum to our pupils.  Part of that training involved the teaching of outdoor team building activites. We have found that this has particularly enhanced the participation of some of our SEN pupils. It has help to build confidence and enjoyment of being around others. One of our children used to find P.E particularly tricky to access is now joining in with enthusiasm and indeed led one of the teams to victory!


  • The iPads have also added extra depth to our lessons.  We are using these in each class to support teaching and learning; by enhancing teachers assessments and also allowing the children to instantly share their achievements and discuss their next steps.


  • We are also continuing to provide more for our children at lunch time.  We have set up more focused physical activities such as football and provided lots of small equipment such as bats and balls to encourage children to be more active during their play.  We have also added several new parts to extend our trim trail, which the children really enjoy using at play time and lunch time, as well as in some PE lessons.


The use of money for the academic year 2013/14 is as follows:-


  • 2 members of staff  NPETCS PE course level 3 – £1100
  • Staff development – £1020
  • PE subject leaders Course – £550
  • Supply costs to cover teachers on course – £1440
  • A frames and ladder set – £299