GDPR Data Protection Policy

GDPR_Data Protection Policy UPDATED
Please note this is an evolving policy and may be subject to change.

Privacy Notices

Please click on the links below to download documents.


Pupils and families

GDPR_Privacy Notice_ Pupils and their Families_UPDATED


GDPR_Model_Privacy_notice_for_employees_and_workers_G320b_YML52nL FINS UPDATED


GDPR_Compliant Privacy Notice for Volunteers_UPDATED

Applicants for a role

GDPR_Privacy Notice_ Recruiting_UPDATED

GDPR records management Policy

Records_Management Policy_UPDATED


Third Party Privacy Notices

These are services/companies we use as part of the everyday running of our school.

Tapestry – our Early Years Online Learning Journal provider


Evolve – the online risk assessment provider for trips and other activities.

EVOLVE GDPR Variation Contract – Sample

For further information visit their website:

Pupil Asset – our management information and assessment tracker provider


For further information visit their website:

Edwards and Blake – our caterers

Discovery Education – provider of Espresso, a provider we use to support curriculum teaching including coding.

Apple Tree – Our Year 1 Blog provider

Junior Librarian – Our library computer programme provider

GL Assessment – our Dyslexia Screener provider

Premier Sports – our after school club/holiday club provider