Our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural  (SMSC) Statement


  • The schools spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of teaching learning within school and is firmly embedded within the curriculum that is offered.
  • Within the curriculum, including RE and PSHE there are planned opportunities to develop SMSC. In addition to this the school is effective in developing SMSC through its day to day provision and classroom expectations. Pupils are supported to show perseverance, resilience, are given opportunities to cooperate well with others, be creative, understand right from wrong and reflect on thoughts and answers encouraging an understanding of British values.
  • The school has an active school council which within year 2 is voted for by their peers.
  • SMSC is a feature of lesson observations and forms part of the Head Teachers report to Governors. Introduction of the “life channel” within school will further support SMSC during less structured parts of the school day.
  • The school are currently taking part in a pilot programme called “GR8asUR”. This is an anti bullying programme that raises self esteem of individuals and forms part of the schools PSHE teaching.
  • Pupils have had choice about how leaders are selected and have understanding of why rules are important and have to be followed for safety.
  • Pupils are willing to listen to each other and understand the differences between themselves and others.
  • As a result of this being a focused area for all classroom observations, teachers’ have an increased awareness of what is expected and how their teaching can be modified to encourage this.
  • Governors understand what SMSC is and how it is delivered in school.